About Us

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Jeweliany is the result of years of metalsmith study and fluid artistic creation. With consideration for renewable resources and eco friendly manufacturing practices. Jeweliany jewelry conveys an expression from the heart, mind, and soul of the creator to the wearer.

Julie Simpson studied jewelry and design in San Diego, California. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Design with an emphasis in Metalsmithing from San Diego State University. Through her study of metals and an apprenticeship with a fine jeweler, Julie has created a jewelry line that blends art, function, beauty, and grace.

Julie's inspiration stems from extensive travel by land and sea. Living in Italy, surfing through Bali, exploring Thailand, or studying yoga in Croatia, her travels have greatly influenced the Jeweliany collection, not only through design but also in production by making conscious choices for an eco-friendly company.

Julie's most notable creation was incepted while traveling through New York. While in Grand Central Station, she found her inspiration to create the Constellation Collection while looking up at the great astronomical mural by the French painter Paul Halle. The end result was a slender tab of sterling silver with a "sparkly star" diamond in a gypsy setting. The Constellation Collection serves as abstract zodiac jewelry that gives insight to the identity of the wearer and is made from 100% recycled materials and conflict free diamonds.